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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Top of the Blogs

In my opinion the "must-read" poker blog on the net is Paul Phillips . I searched it out after meeting him at the Vic in July. He is a very, very clever guy who cuts through the mystique of top level tournament play and tells it like it is. And he canes Hellmuth a lot :-)

His latest entry caught my eye :

"I was never in the camp that having my hole cards exposed to the world would be detrimental to my results; I was indifferent because television almost never gives you enough context and unless you understand WHY a player does what he does, you are no closer to predicting his future actions.But now I feel like I'm totally in a position to manipulate people who have seen me play on TV. Since I know exactly what's been on TV I can assemble a model of myself based on that and (with numerous caveats) grant that model to strangers. If you can form an accurate sense of your opponent's model of you and make the correct adjustments, you have a monster advantage.The more I think about it the more convinced I am that this is a good thing. "

Good thing for Paul = bad thing for me if we ever end up on the same table again. Quite often lately I've been watching some poker tournament on TV, bored, but thinking "come on, you have to watch this to see how so-and-so plays, if you have the ambition to play at that level". But of course he's right. Real players are capable of staying one step ahead by knowing their image, as it has been projected on TV. A good excuse to just go to bed early next time the WPT is on Challenge. Which is every night, pretty much.


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