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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Do You Remember the First Time ?

I had to smile at a post on the Mob forum today, which simply read "what hand did you win your first tournament with ?". I don't tend to remember individual hands as well as most poker players (especially bad beats) so I have no idea. I have no idea what hand I have won any tournament with. I suppose we must have been heads up and the chips went in and I won.

I did jokingly suggest that I couldn't remember the last hand I won a tournament with - but that was only the half of it. I really genuinely could not remember the last time I won a B&M tournament ! Checking my records they say 20th July 2003, $20 Stud at Luton, so I suppose that was it. The first win is down as the 2nd April 1999. I still can't say what hand won it because the Comment field on my database states merely "WOO-HOO !!". And why not !


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