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Monday, August 23, 2004

City Boy Blues

While considering my own PEP-less future, I thought of something that potentially applies to quite a few people I know. It's very simple. If you're making the majority of your money on-line, online poker or betting exchanges or whatever, then why the hell do you live in London ?

If you have a job in London, then you are (or ought to be) paid a certain amount extra to compensate for the increased cost of living. Probably not enough now I think of it, but something at least. If you're working online, then why not go and live in Devon ? Or Durham ? Or Northern Ireland ? These places aren't total backwaters. They do have DSL, and cinemas, and football. You could cut your exes in half, or live somewhere twice as nice. That's what I would do. And perhaps I will.


Blogger The Camel said...

Durham is great. Beautiful and the cost of living is low.

The onnly problem is the £86 return ticket train ticket to Loftus Road every fortnight :-(

12:45 AM  

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