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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Hard Day's Night

So I gave the Friday night freezeout another spin in Luton. After all the joking last time about not wanting to be there till 2am without cashing, I'm glad that didn't happen - it was 1-55 as I sloped out in 17th place. Quite depressing in a way to realise how much luck I needed even to get that far.

It struck me on the way back that I had spent 8 hours out of the house, in mixed company (to say the least), performing occasionally interesting but mostly routine mental exercises with the intention of earning some money. Sounds kind of familiar. Although at work I have a better expectation, zero standard deviation and I can stop for lunch.

I exaggerate slightly. It was nice to see lucky Lloyd, although Janine probably wishes I had stayed at home with my 56s, a very chipper Action Dave popped in and "The Guvnor's Guvnor" Willy Tann was there to watch and learn from. It didn't seem to be as much value as two weeks ago - while, as a tournament in Luton, there were at least two fish at every table (I think it's a by-law of some sort), there were a lot of Vic faces on show, which is always a sign that you've missed the party in a Luton game. All in all, I'm very glad I'm not doing that half the night 5 times a week. Not when I should be sleeping like a log.


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