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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Put That Cat Out

I'm not one to criticise referees but ... we had a right muppet yesterday. At one point he awarded Preston a free kick when two of their players collided with each other in mid air. Personally I think he should have booked the one who led with his elbow. But his finest moment was sending the QPR mascot off for an early bath.

Or at least off to lick itself and cough up a few furballs, as Rangers' mascot is a 7 foot tall black cat with a giant furry head. I know Dan Shittu is a big guy, but I would have hoped that trained officials could tell the difference. Perhaps it was for the best. If Jude the Cat hadn't stepped out along with the rest of the QPR offside trap it could all have ended in tears.

Now, in case anyone is wondering why QPR's mascot is a 7 foot tall black cat with a giant furry head, there used to be a cat that lived in the stadium, and would happily wander through the crowd on match days, unaffected by the Loftus Road Roar (ahem). Unfortunately it was either run over or shot for sport by Vinny Jones (no one's quite sure), and had its ashes sprinkled in one of the goals. A couple of months later someone noticed that Rangers hadn't scored in that goal since, and this was attributed to ill-omen rather than the inability of the strikers at the time to hit a cow's arse with a banjo, as the saying goes. The curse was duly lifted by some Shepherd's Bush Shaman and in time someone came up with the mascot idea.

Anyway I'm rambling. I should point out that none of the mystifying decisions yesterday affected the game (except in the chaos theory sense) and we lost fair and square.


Blogger danmonkey said...

as a preston fan i'm not going to gloat - honest.
we had a similar incident last year when our very own deepdale duck was dismissed for a similar offence. his size 32 boots and xxxxxxxxxl shirt could easily see him mistaken for a stray forward i'm sure...
its ridiculously tight in the championship and the playoff line up is anyones guess. we could end up fourth or 12th, but i hope our recent form continues.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Hi Dan,

I'm sure I've heard of a case where a mascot actually did play everyone onside and the goal stood. If I had to guess it might have been Wrexham's dragon. Joking apart, you could see how if the ball was on the near side, moving quickly, and the mascot on the far side then maybe this could happen. Maybe. But you would expect better from officials at this level !

Thanks for not gloating :-) and gl with the rest of the season.


5:59 PM  
Blogger danmonkey said...

cheers andy!

i think you've had an excellent first season back at this level, much like we did a couple of years ago. besides which you also have the most entertainingly barmy manager in the league. he's also pretty damn good. was he in danger of losing his job at some point? i hope you keep hold of him, and most particularly that your board never dream of employing craig brown.

good luck to yourself too,


6:17 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Thanks Dan,

Fans of QPR and mad managers alike will be glad to hear that Olly signed a new contract last week.


6:51 PM  

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