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Friday, June 10, 2005

You Can't Eat Value

I did make it to Gutshot last night for the William Hill £5K added and it was buzzing, there was a great atmosphere in the place and it was a good night. Seeing as I didn't cash I did the next best thing - busted in 45 minutes. I had about 4300 when I couldn't escape with AK on a KTJ flop - my opponent having flopped a set of Kings. It was one of those hands where if I had been right on my "A" game I might have saved a couple of thousand but I'd been at work all day and I was nowhere near. Fair play to the guy he played it well and did me fair and square.

I figured I could play on auto-pilot for that overlay and while that was true to an extent, there wasn't much extra value in terms of the field, as every shrewdie this side of Vegas made an appearance.

At least the early bust-out gave me some time to socialise, I had a couple of beers with Lawrence, met up with the William Hill crew, had a chat with Derek and David, and exchanged some banter with the usual suspects. Next time I should just do this. Especially if I can swap a few per cent beforehand. Mind you technically there shouldn't be a next time, I was just chatting to The Hat about cricket when he picked up a hand and Ron (the Mad Yank) reraised him and started dancing around etc. As I withdrew to let Alan cogititate on this I said to Barry "family jewels" Martin that if Ron had less than Kings I would give up. Queens reckoned Barry but in fact it was Jacks. So, it's been fun, what else can I play ? No, in the style of Morrissey, I've changed my mind again, my judgement was impaired by alcohol so it doesn't count.

Kudos to Gutshot and William Hill for putting it together and let's look forward to another one. Please please please can it not be on a school night :-)


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