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Friday, May 20, 2005


The great thing about the old Coin-Flipping Championships is that you read about every single demise. We don't want to know who's getting the cake - we want to know who's doing their bollocks tramping all around Europe for the sake of their ego. And so I can now happily report that everyone in the event who I think is a twat is out. Hooray !

I'm joking. Or am I ? Many a true word. You'd have to be a saint not to laugh at the Devilfish though.

"Before the match started, Dave gave his opponent a warm welcome with the words: "I'll call your airline - so that they can already book your ticket."

And 14 minutes later he's beaten. What would Nelson Muntz say do you think ?

If I have to be positive I hope Colclough wins it. He is a top player and I bear him no personal animosity (which is quite a compliment really).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me, but is the h2h TV stuff the dullest viewing out there. Having said made me peruse a write up about it...which was slightly worse. You'll pay for that pal!


12:42 PM  

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