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Monday, May 16, 2005

Taking Five

FYI I'm on a break from poker for a week or two. After that I shall have a go at some proper on-line tournaments - $100 and $50 rebuy minimum. Stick with what I'm best at. In the meantime we're pretty busy at work and I'd rather give my brain a rest in the evening.

Stay tuned for football related posting - I think some credit is due to Bryan Robson for keeping WBA up. OK they only managed 34 points but that's not the point - they finished 17th. Robson has almost been a joke figure since the perception that Venables had to save his bacon at Middlesboro, and I freely admit that I thought the same, but was doing him an injustice. There are a few pundits around (not least on the normally competent Football365) who could swallow their pride and admit the same.

Right. Back to the playoffs. Can Brentford pull it round ? Come on you Bees !!


Blogger the wolf said...

I think you meant "a jopke figure."

2:34 AM  
Blogger OnTilt said...

Nope we just haven't suffered enough yet apparently. Shame as I was looking forward to my trip to Loftus Road next year. Still if we can just find someone up front who can score next year we should have a good crack at this division.

10:11 AM  

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