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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sports Betting Wrap-Up

Well Everton did the business even though they did kind of flop over the line with their last breath. Considering how they sold Gravesen and have mostly been poor since about February and are still going to have at least a three-point cushion, it just goes to show what a good bet it was at 5-2 ! By the way Titmus, should I have laid it off ?

Cardiff cheated and so that doesn't count. Unfortunately Betfair aren't giving me my £20 back though. Looking back through this blog I did chuck in a few bogus tips (Charlton to challenge for fourth, doh) but those were the only two I had money on and I did go large on Everton (for me) so that pulled in a few quid.

I suppose we still have relegation from the Premiership and play-offs and European Cup Final to dispense with but once they're done I hope to shift the TV to the spare room and allow it to gather dust over the summer. As long as I can find something else to do other than just Internet Poker ...


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