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Saturday, April 30, 2005

You Know You're Going Down When ...

.. in the match you have to win to have any chance of staying up, you have a player sent off for two stupid bookings, you score an own goal and then Marc Bircham, of all people, sticks one in the top corner. Not your day ? Not your season. Thus and so, Nottingham Forest are the first club ever, in all of Europe, to win the European Cup and drop into the third tier of their domestic league. It is, of course, traditional for onlooking fans to gloat over such things, but I didn't, and I think a lot of our fans didn't either. We've been there, and it's a long way back.

As for Rangers, it was all a bit end of term. In fact, Forest pulled one back when Santos and Bignot were playing Kerplunk instead of policing the Rangers penalty area (Santos won of course with his delicate touch). Mid-table obscurity is our lot, but don't underestimate the psychological difference between pushing at the top end and falling away, and flirting with relegation and pulling clear. The former adds up to a much more enjoyable and stress-free season. My favourite games would be beating West Ham 1-0 in front of a jam-packed Loftus Road to go fourth, and coming back from 2-0 down to beat Leicester with a late winner.

Nonetheless the season is not quite over down in W12. On Thursday Monsieur Santos will be made to look like Zinedine Zidane as I commit football sacrilege by treading the hallowed turf in a charity game. I wish I wish I wish I had done some more fitness work in the last couple of months but you know how it is - I'm a lazy git. I will have to hope that everyone else is in similar shape and that I am not being marked by some ridiculously fit 22-year old semi-pro or something. I will certainly let you know how it goes, and should I trouble the onion bag I will try my best to put some video on this site !


Blogger redsimon said...

You know etc....when you lose 3-0 at home to Plymouth and when your best player falls over taking a penalty vs Leeds. Truely an awful season and I have no illusions that we will bounce back up. Could be playing Barnet soon?

9:01 AM  

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