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Monday, April 11, 2005

$1500 No Good

As it says in the title. Update on tournament results here, with incisive commentary of course.

So here I am, surfing the web, listening to Midnight Oil and writing gubbins about football (to follow). Some might ask is this how one should spend a holiday in Vegas ? I might counter that this is what I like doing. So if I'm not playing poker 24/7 I might as well do it. What did you expect me to do, spend all my free time in Spearmint Rhino's ?

. . .

I doubt if I'll be spending that much time in the Bellagio. The satellites aren't anywhere near as good value as the smaller tournaments you can find elsewhere, for various reasons (to follow). For me the Bellagio is too far up itself anyway. This is Vegas ! If I wanted poncey I'd have gone to Monte Carlo.

. . .

Went to see Elton John last night. Note to forum wags - I like kd lang too but that doesn't mean I'm a lesbian (unfortunately). I'm not a massive Elton John fan, don't have any of his records, but I thought he'd do a good show, and he did. Obviously he wasn't going to "showcase his latest album" so it was a good mix with some songs I like, Philadelphia Freedom and so on. And his band was good too. Not bad for $100, amazing what you can blag sometimes if you just ask. Although there might have been a discount for single guys with Jimi Somerville haircuts. To put that into perspective though I've been to a lot of gigs in my time and that's the most I have ever paid for one show. It's just that in Vegas, money seems to lose so much meaning you think "$100, wow that's cheap" !

. . .

I have been scouting out some of the new card rooms, obviously in places like the Flamingo and Harrah's you go in with no idea where the poker room is. A good tip though is to look for the Sports Book (which is usually massive) and the poker room will be close to hand. They don't miss many tricks here. I'm in the Barbary Coast which is very well located and perfectly adequate (with bonus high speed Internet connection of course). Every morning they have "Craps Lessons". Sounds a bit like teaching kids to smoke. Roll up, roll up, a lifetime of sickness awaits !!

. . .

Oh yeah football, I nearly forgot (easy to do out here). Hooray for Paul Fairclough and Barnet who clinched promotion yesterday. Wish I could have been there but never mind. Boo to Sheffield United who ended QPR's "faint playoff hopes" ( (c) everybody) with a 90th minute dodgy pen victory. And results went my way with the bets I have on so all to play for there. What really caught my eye this morning though was this. On balance I think Mourinho is a bit annoying and I wouldn't trust the guy as far as I could throw him. But he is absolutely spot on here, and he says it well too. Most of the "experts" are indeed failed managers or ex-players who didn't have the bottle to do it themselves. I think managers do get too much stick sometimes. Look at the top three - whatever happens, even if all three managers do a fantastic job, two of them are going to miss out on the league. And they're going to cop a load of stick for it. Similarly at the bottom, everyone could do a great job, three would still go down. Managers take stick for a lot of things that aren't their fault. Mind you I still think Steve Bruce is a twat. Oh and one other thing - there is no mention of Mourinho's comments on the BBC website. Strange that. The BBC has been compared to a totalitarian state before - 1984 is in part a parody of the BBC bureaucracy that Orwell had to deal with. Learn something new every day don't you ?


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