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Sunday, April 10, 2005

What An Age We Live In

Well here I am ! Having brought my laptop along as a kind of portable entertainment centre (music/DVDs) and nothing more, I am pleasantly surprised that I can just connect it in my hotel room and here I am for $10/day. The TV Internet access they have is just about ok for finding out that Rangers have lost 3-2 to a last minute disputed penalty (Holloway incandescent with rage by all accounts) and so starting off the day on tilt, but that's about all. Trying to type anything like E-mails or blog posts is an utter nightmare. But now I should be all systems go and update-tastic. The first Email that catches my eye is a money-added tournament online (find out where for yourself damn you) and I immediately think "ooo, when's that !". I am sad but I am not going to sit here in my room in Las Vegas playing online poker. I'm playing the $1500 today anyway (just to keep temptation at bay).

I feel this $1500 is simply going to be a gamble, I can't see there being that many fish in it. But I'm confident enough that I can "toss a fair coin" and at least give it a spin as even money. Updates to follow, and don't forget I'll be posting here as well.

PS yes I know it's 7am, I haven't quite adjusted yet !


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