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Sunday, March 20, 2005

This Is How It Works

I hate to sound like a stuck record on here but who is man enough to resist singing, in the style of Johnny Rotten, "Don't blame me / I told you so". Not me that's for sure. From Daniel Negreanu's blog (again, I know)

"The Super Stars Invitational II also has an exciting format that I would have loved to participate in. Unfortunately I agreed to a vote along with 17 other players on whether or not we would play in the event based on the amount of money that would be added to the event.

I voted that we should play thinking that no group of 24 players was “above the game“, but when the majority of the others realized that it was silly not to play it was too late. We were replaced by other players as I would have expected."

This is how it's always going to work. If anyone, even a group of (presumably) top players, says "No, you can't use our images in perpetuity throughout the universe for two bob", it takes the TV company almost a whole hour to find someone else who will. Poker players will never benefit from TV financially to any degree. I know there are side-benefits like bringing new players into the game, but the people who say that Mercedes are going to be handed out at tournaments for royal flushes are living in a dream world (two points if you can guess who said that, it's not hard).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed. I don't see the financial institutions et al rushing into sponsoring poker do you???

The moniker is still 'gambling' whereas they would have you believe that investing with them/buying their brand is anything but.

Whilst 'heartily living the American Dream' brands (beer/cars/food) have made appearances.....the big boys have stayed away.

And yet there is more exposure for poker on a daily basis than most of the sports with which they are involved.

I think the Owl and others overestimate their take on the 'explosion' which is very easy to do from the 'inside' (especially if you think you are worldly wise to the 'outside').

The fact is that for every 'clean living' story that the WPT and others try and promote in their shows, their is an equally public reality check from one of the 'poker victims' who has self destructed. (Blogs are a case in point, but it was intersting to see ESPN show Matusow and others in their true state rather than try and cover it up).

Fully streaming cash games might be more interesting for sponsors than tournamnet poker for obviosu reasons.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Big Dave D said...

I thought the more interesting comments were further down, Andy...where Danny "New Morals" Negreanu said that he actual voted to play, and that he felt that the hard core Unionists would have also changed their minds once they knew how replaceable they are.

Viva La Revolution!

Dave D

5:37 PM  

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