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Monday, February 28, 2005

Spring Is Sprung

And not before time. I'm glad I didn't buy this flat because being on the ground floor, with three French windows and an underground car park below, I have a hell of a job keeping it warm enough. I'm not looking forward to the next electric bill. Anyway, what's been going on ?

I expect this happens to everyone in the "personal services" industry. You're just doing the job when someone says "How about you and your friends get together, and we'll film you all ! We'll pay you extra money !". You think "well I've come this far, why not", and before you know it you're doing your stuff, fully wired up under the lights and the camera. So we had a group session down at Gutshot on Saturday, all being filmed for the Poker Channel. I have to say it went better than I thought it would, which is partly thanks to Jesse, Vicky (yes that Jesse and that Vicky) and Rob who were top professionals, and my fellow performers who included DY, Bad Beat, Mad Ron, Miros, Paul Parker and Professor Duvall. I wouldn't say this if I didn't believe it - I think it will be worth watching, and even more so if you know any of the combatants, so keep an eye out, Bar Beat it's called, 7 shows which will (no doubt) be repeated a million times on the Poker Channel. This is Sky Digital I think, so if you're on cable, petition your local operator to provide it, as I have !

It was a good job Rangers won on Saturday or I might have sulked through some of the filming. And 2-0 at Ipswich, not too shabby ! While I said last week that everyone had a right to voice their opinion, I feel this does not extend to Rangers fans caning Ian Holloway just because he gets a couple of substitutions wrong. Holloway is a legend so SHUT IT ! Barnet also won and Everton made it a treble. Hooray !

Finally one more point to make, there has been some discussion here and elsewhere about how much poker content I am now going to put out for free, well we'll have to see, but I should stress that this particular blog is more for gossip and talking bollocks. The hardcore poker content is here and I hope to maintain the level of posting at its current level which I think isn't bad, for nothing !


Blogger danmonkey said...


Holloway is indeed a legend. It was generous of him to lend us Chris Day, who turned in a solid performance at the weekend. Not that he had much to do given Burnley's penchant for negative football.
As for the blog(s), I'm sure you'll do whatever the hell you like, which is as it should be.



9:10 PM  
Blogger Big Dave D said...

You well and truely are filling your boots! You must look like you are wearing Cuban heels.

As to the show itself, with this and Barny's Home Game to look forward to, I don't know how I will seperate myself from the tv without surgical assistence. Maybe if someone is offering reruns of WPT Reno II :)



1:39 AM  
Blogger David Young said...

I have written a piece for Gutshot about the filming of Bar Beat. It should appear tomorrow (Wednesday).


5:52 PM  

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