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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Telling It Like It Is

Ivey to Negreanu : "You don't play poker no more man, you're a businessman now"

How cool is Ivey ? He rules.


Blogger Big Dave D said...

As much as you can have a view on someone from the Net, I always disliked Dan N, certainly from his early RGP days. However I accept that I'm a shit judge of character and people change. I had quite warmed to him from his journal, especially the bit where he visited this sick kid. Very philanthropic I thought. Until, quite gently, he dropped in the fact that a film crew was there. Ahhh.....


10:01 PM  
Blogger Rolandinho said...

Absolute rubbish from Ivey. Daniel is a top bloke,the most approachable star player and if you look at his recent record he is playing alot more poker than Ivey.


3:42 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Here's the full quote, from Negreanu's own blog :

I look over my shoulder and it's Phil Ivey at the table next to me having lunch. What a small world huh? Phil was there with his family and a few close friends of his. We talked for a little bit and near the end of the conversation I said, "Maybe I'll see you in the poker room tonight."
"Yeah right. You don't play poker no more man, you're a businessman now." I had no reply because it truly has been a long time since I've played any live poker.

If Negreanu himself concedes the point that's good enough for me. There's more to poker than tournaments.

I have no idea how approachable Negreanu is ; but I didn't say he wasn't. Nor did Ivey. It's not relevant.


5:32 PM  

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