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Sunday, March 06, 2005

What's Up

As you may already know, my new whoring deal is with Gutshot. It remains to be seen whether I can give the Gutshot clientele what they want, but we might as well have a go. David and Barry at Gutshot are very positive about the deal, and I am too.

I've been offline for a couple of days as I was at a stag weekend. Fortunately this did not follow the current trend of jumping on a Sleazyjet to Cheapwhormenia, as is very much the mode at work, but a relatively civilized weekend at the Belfry golf club. While it was great to see everyone I was underwhelmed by the hotel which, like most British hotels, is like a lower-range Vegas hotel except with terrible service and 4 times as expensive. And while I'm not much of a golfer, even I could tell that the course was in pretty bad shape. Which is why I only scored 12 points, obviously :-). Oh and we saw Glenn Hoddle. But before I could think of wittily asking what he had done in a previous life to deserve being manager of Wolves, the moment had passed. Another opportunity missed.

Just one other thing right now, my software has been a bit dormant lately, I mean I was still selling it but wasn't really making much of an effort. Just lately I've been tinkering with it though and I'm hoping to have a new version out fairly soon which has some improved play and it will even adapt to how often you raise, which I'm almost certain is a first for tournament software. Also there will be some easier payment options (transfer on Stars/Party/Neteller) . If you've never seen it I think it's pretty good, for one guy in his spare time (certainly compared to some corporate products), and you can download a free demo. Alright that's enough whoring for today, and I also promise to drop the whoring analogy now as I have kind of flogged it to death (as you do, alright I'll stop now).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lionel Here
For any more 'whoring' analogys speak to Action Dave.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Yes indeed :-)

BTW did you get my emails on the 24th ?


6:19 PM  

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