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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Alas Poor Keggy

It was a shame to see Kevin Keegan resign from Man. City in the week. I quite liked him as a manager. I know he was rubbish for England but I really couldn't give a rat's ass for international football any more. Did you know there's going to be no club football in the top two divisions this Easter weekend ? All so England can play home matches against Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan. Who's going to win - the tension ! I have a revolutionary plan for, erm, revolutionising World Cup qualification which I will unveil soon.

In the meantime, back to Keggy. What I liked about him was, if you beat his team, he'd give you a bit of credit. So what you might say ? Well, remembering as best I can to ages past when QPR played at the top level, I can tell you that we never received any credit for beating "bigger" clubs. Charlton fans today will know what I mean. You could play them off the park, you could be 10 points ahead of them in the league, but because they were the big nobs all you would hear is excuses as to how they could lose to such lowly opposition. I know it's not worth having a massive chip on your shoulder about these things, but it was annoying. I remember very well though, one occasion where the boys won 2-1 at St. James' Park (despite Keith Hackett's best efforts). Keegan brushed aside questions about why his team was off form etc. and said "look, give credit to QPR, they played really well". It didn't cost him anything. I mean would it kill Alex Ferguson to say "Well done to Milan, they were the better team". A bit of grace in defeat (ahem, Signor Mourinho) goes a long way. And his teams always went for it and played attacking football.

So good luck to Keggy (I say Keggy by the way because Bob Wilson once called him "Keggy Koogle" and it kind of stuck), and hopefully he'll be on our screens soon. Because he is a total genius at making nonsensical comments, well maybe I should say halfsensical comments because like all the best football quotes, you can often see what he's trying to say. I present to you my top 5 Keggy quotes, if you like you can accompany this with some pop countdown music :

At 5, "There'll be no siestas in Madrid tonight"

Coming in at 4, "I came to Nantes two years ago and it's much the same today, except that it's totally different"

Into the top 3 pop-pickers, "The tide is very much in our court now"

Just missing out at number 2, "He's [Shaun Wright-Phillips] got a heart as big as his size, which isn't big, but his heart's bigger than that"

And the number one Keggy Koogle quote of all time, this always makes me laugh because you know what he's trying to say "Despite his white boots he has genuine pace"

Special K, we salute you.


Blogger redsimon said...

So what's your plan for World Cup Qualifiers? (I'd make them take place in July only so I don't have to go through Easter with no decent footy to go to).

9:32 AM  
Blogger Rolandinho said...

I have said for years they should make the major teams automatic qualifiers for the world cup- who wants to see a World Cup without the big boys. Let the minnows fight it out for the remaining places so the likes of Azerbijan, Lesotho and Scotland still have a chance to go out at the first group stage.

1:44 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

You will like the plan guys, it will be revealed in due course !


8:21 AM  

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