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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Running Down The Clock

I think 10 days is about enough in Vegas. But not to worry, this is still better than work :-). If there is going to be a $500 tomorrow at the Bellagio, I might play that. Otherwise I'm just going to chill and maybe play a bit of NL cash. I did find a good game in the Aladdin yesterday. I will need another string to my poker bow once I'm back home, just as a break from tournaments if nothing else. Given a choice between 7-card high-low and pot-limit omaha online, I'm probably leaning towards the former, which should suit me and has smaller swings (especially compared to PLO which may be the highest variance game there is).

. . .

450 runners for a $25,000 tournament ! Where's all the money coming from ? Looks like a tough field as well. Greg Raymer is right up there at the end of the first day, and so is Joe Grech. Joe ought to thank me for a form of reverse bok on this diary just before he won $220K. Which should teach me not to be so sarky ;-). Good luck to him.

. . .

Matt Matros’ book is quite interesting. I assumed it had been written after his WPT Final appearance, but in fact that was tacked on to the end in a postscript. Up to that point he had been doing ok but nothing special. You have to look at the odds he faded to make it that far. Won a $100 satellite on Party to win 2 super entries, that’s 50-1. Won a super, call that 4-1 as he had two chances. Then made the final table out of 300 runners, another 50-1. Parlay it all up at 10,000-1. I can accept that he had a decent edge in the on-line qualifier, but even with that his “true” odds must have been at least 3,000-1. This is basically all the hidden luck you need to never run into a big hand at the wrong time, or be outdrawn in a big pot. One thing that stood out though, he wasn’t afraid to back his read with all his chips, whether betting or calling, and his reads were correct when it counted. Good luck to him too. Good luck to anyone who's prepared to have a go. I don't recommend it myself, but if you must, then be positive and back your own judgement. Better to regret something you did ...


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