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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Things What I Have Read On The Internet

It doesn't take much to catch my eye while I'm surfing the web, of an evening of course, and here are a couple or three eye-catching things :

Joe Kinnear defends his record at Nottingham Forest in the most remarkable manner. Is it unfair of me to paraphrase this as follows : "Gary Megson ? Thought he could get Forest out of the shit did he ? Well he just didn't realise how much shit I had left them in ! Ha ha, I'm the greatest ! Oh no, wait ..."

Freeserve have provided this helpful guide to the "top ten" scams. If you read through them, a pattern suggests itself. Couldn't they just have said "if someone offers you a lot of money, but asks you for some money first, it's a scam". And can't people just bear this top tip in mind ? Well, anyone who can't see past the dollar signs flashing up in their own eyes probably deserves it. They say you can't con an honest man.

Bill Fillmaff is back once again, to inform and entertain. Taking the piss out of Hellmuth may be more like shooting fish in a barrel with every new day, but to be fair this guy is nailing those fish right between the eyes. You might like to skim through Paul Phillips' blog first or you'll miss some of the jopkes.

Finally back to football for perhaps the most bizarre of all. Is this some kind of scam ? Surely not, if it has Rodney Marsh's name attached. Assuming it is real, interesting move for QPR to become involved. Even if they are legally obliged to give a contract to someone who's not up to it, there's nothing to say they can't pay them YTS money or something. And who knows, they might find another Les Ferdinand (as if that could be). There's no mention of this being televised, which seems odd - it sounds a sight more interesting than most "reality" shows. Especially when the last seven take to the training ground for a final examination at the hands of Mr. Shittu and M. Santos !


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