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Friday, May 06, 2005

Post-match Analysis

OK. Now, when it comes to the goal, there is one question you have to answer - do you want to hear the truth ? Can you handle the truth ?

If not, I skinned the centre half, bore down on goal through the inside-left channel, faked to pass it square and drilled it inside the near post.

If so, the centre half let it bounce and made a horrible mess of it, I lumbered towards the goal, tried to square it, got my body shape all wrong and scuffed it into the gap the keeper had left, having correctly read my intention to pass. Nonetheless, Senor Ronaldinho, it is absolutely about how many you score, not how you score !

Fortunate as this goal was, I think it was a bit of instant karma because I would have scored 10 minutes before were it not for the keeper handling outside the box. Apart from that my best moment was a Steven Gerrard-like flick over the defence for an onrushing forward - but unlike Milan Baros my strike partner actually met it first, headed it on, then got clattered by the keeper and a defender cleared it off the line. It was spookily like Liverpool's goal against Chelsea but sadly there was no doubt this time that it stayed out.

We did win the game 4-3, you may think the result is irrelevant but you never walk onto a football pitch indifferent to winning or losing. Frankly they were mostly the better team but we had a good goalkeeper, a guy who could take corners and another guy who could head them in. He scored the other three, all from corners. Modern football is all about set pieces !

Unfortunately there was no one videoing it (or perhaps fortunately in truth), but I will try to put some still pictures on here when they're available, fingers crossed there will be one of me wheeling away in triumph !

In all truth I was one of the worst players on the park, especially for the last half hour as I didn't pace myself well (read: I wasn't fit enough). There were quite a few guys my age or even older who had obviously been very good players in their time. Anyway, if you're a football fan and you have a chance to do this, do it. Quite apart from how much everyone enjoyed it, we raised £8000, half for Diabetes Research and the rest being split between various local charities and community projects. Thanks to everyone at Football Aid who helped us out on the day and especially QPR coach and legend Gary Waddock who was terrific, very friendly and a great ambassador for the club.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Peter B:

On the new Wynn hotel form Las Vegas Vegas:

"The decor is typical Steve Wynn with lots of live flowering plants, full size trees and large exotic plants almost everywhere. The winding walkways are marble inlaid with very colorful mosaic tile fantasy floral patterns."

I bet you can't wait, Andy. I bet you can't wait.

Then again, there's the $2-$6 game awaiting you at the Tropicana, if your hay fever kicks in. :-)


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