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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Watching From Afar

Well it's now definite, the WSOP is going to have to manage without me. It's a shame, and many will not be surprised to hear that I'll miss the bowling and the apple martinis more than the poker. That leaves two things I have to do. 1) Convince myself it's going to be crap anyway. Seriously I do have some reservations about how it's going to go this year. To follow. 2) One reservation which I have is 14 days at the Gold Coast, which of course I can't use. 23rd June-7th July. Rather than toss it back in the river, email me if you can use it. I'll give you a week and then I will, if necessary, decide who to bestow it upon on an entirely subjective basis.


Blogger Lord Miros said...

Yes, I think it might be a bit shit this year. Frankly my heart hasn't been in any of the sats so far, which is no good at all. What chance do I have in a satellite when the prospect of winning it fills me with nothing but apathy?

11:51 AM  
Blogger David Young said...

When people ask me whether I'm going this year I tell them the truth, which is that I'm utterly ambivalent about it. As far as reservations go, mine would concern how they are going to get several HUNDRED quality trained dealers in place for the tournaments, given the explosion in demand.

I recall that the dealers in the Golden Nugget's card room last year were mostly awful. I guess we could know by the middle of the series whether they have this one cracked, but if you go in the first week, I wouldn't be surprised if you're dealt to by some very inexperienced dealers.


5:26 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

The most entertaining possible problem is 6600 seats being snapped up (mainly by online qualifiers) before the start of the event. Harrah's will then have to either jam everyone in like sardines, reschedule the whole thing probably adding at least another 2 days to it (thus causing potential chaos with room and flight bookings), or tell the likes of TJ and Hellmuth they can't play, it's full. Personally I hope they do the latter :-). I don't think they will though, once they realise how much satellite rake they're going to miss out on.

You may think this is far-fetched but remember that 2500 played last year when just a month before you could get 5-1 against "more than 1700" (and indeed some of us did, I know GIQ). A source told me that 4400 seats have already gone ! When you consider that Pokerstars alone are claiming 550, that may be close to the mark.


5:44 PM  

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