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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just Like Luton On A Friday Night

So here we are then, sun sea sand and poker ! Plenty of friendly faces too, the Vladars, the Altermans, the Burberrys, Tony Chapman, Julian Thew, Simon Trumper, The Guvnor. A Vic posse as well, this always makes me laugh, Sonny, Keston, Kabbaj and Posner have flown half way round the world to all play in the same cash game. Same old faces. Just like Luton on a Friday night !

Rest assured that in every other respect you could imagine this is completely unlike Luton on a Friday night, that is it's very nice. And a little kerching for me as I scraped in 18th today for $460. I know, I know, I was trying to go out on the bubble but I couldn't manage it. Someone else beat me to it before I finally ran into a hand and lost my remaining bowl of rice soon after.

Hard work in the main, there are probably more Europeans here than Americans and a few too many of them can play for my liking. Fun though, I was sat next to Donna for a fair while, she always makes me laugh, and most of the Scandis and Dutch are very friendly. One whinge (I couldn't let it go), check this out, if you ask them how much is in the pot before the raise, they won't tell you. Only in Pot Limit they're allowed to tell you how much is in the pot. Work that one out.

Anyway a good day today, considering the start it had, Rangers 2 down at home to Hull before they fought back to 2-2 (and hit the post twice, doh). All of which I could listen to on Talksport's website in better quality than I pick it up on the radio at home. Isn't technology wonderful ? What an age we live in.


Blogger David Young said...

Make sure you're covered in factor 12 at least. You never think you're burning until it's too late.

Tell us about the weather. It's cold here!


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