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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Men Who Didn't Break The Bank In Monte Carlo

A big oonlucky to Richard G and Paul S in Monte Carlo, I was funking for you. It sounds to me like Richard should have had less Sole, and Paul should have had more beer. Next time.

Meanwhile, the slightly less funked-for Tony G suffered a double blow. Despite holding the clear chip lead for some time, he busted out 7th, one short of the big final. However, they have this totally bizarre structure where everybody who entered the tournament (bar the final six) tries again, and the winner of this "consolation" event takes up a seat at the final table with 10 big blinds and a guaranteed "7th" prize of $100K. What were they smoking when they thought that one up ? Anyway, TG was just in time to take his seat in that, only to bust out on the first hand. Small consolation indeed.


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