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Friday, October 28, 2005

See You In Hell

These arrived today. The chips, not the praise ponies. They are awesome. Nice and heavy too, good quality :-). The question is should I feel guilty about buying products that are sincerely made, and using them to take the piss ? On both a theological and a pragmatic level am I, in essence, a cunt ?

I did feel a pang of remorse when the suppliers sent me an immediate, polite Email informing me that they might have to charge me $2 extra shipping and would that be alright ? Here's the way I see it. If you hear that song "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goal Posts Of Life" on the radio, and you laugh, is that bad ? I don't think so. But if you're the DJ who digs it out, plays it and then takes the piss, how about that ? A bit worse I suppose.

I have no problem with sincere people who try to be nice and think "What Would Jesus Do" because, however much I mock, Jesus was alright. He was cool. I do have a problem with people who pick and choose, use religion when it suits them and drop it when it doesn't, and most of all the people who use it to back up their own prejudices. Which kind of Christian am I more likely to meet in a casino ? Hmm, I'm going to go with the latter.

The main reason I have bought these is not to get into arguments with Daniel Negreanu and his cohorts, it's because I think they're funny. If I have one of those on my cards it's going to remind me that it's only a game and what difference. As for my standing with God, I think he is one of the following :

a) A pathetic human construct who doesn't exist
b) Powerful but insecure (like Barbra Streisand) and liable to torture me for all eternity for mocking him with my insincere card protectors or
c) Omnipotent, all-wise and generally big enough to take a joke.

If it is b) then we'd better enjoy ourselves while we can, because we're all fucked in the end. And it doesn't seem like I'm being punished in this life at the moment. Not if Betfair is anything to go by. Unless it's a kind of "make him win lots of money and it will corrupt his soul" punishment. I can live with that.


Blogger The Camel said...

I must admit, the comparison of God to Ms Steisand is the funniest image I've had for a very long time.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Simpsons quote :-). If I start taking credit for other peoples' jokes it will be the very depths of hell for me.


4:16 PM  
Anonymous chimney sweep said...

" Unless it's a kind of "make him win lots of money and it will corrupt his soul" punishment. " - get it quietly andy, some of us are doing our brains.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Sorry. Try to think of the positive effect on your soul ;-)


6:05 PM  
Blogger Lord Miros said...

Marv. Personally I'm doing my nuts trying to qualify for an exotic Caribbean tournament in which I'll inevitably get pissed and wank my chips away on a blind and hopeless bluff (see last year). Perhaps this means God loves me.

I might as well just slit my wrists now.

1:08 AM  

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