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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What's New On The Interweb

Before we start, let us give thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet, and bringing this feast of information to our desktops every day. How did we manage without it.

Who Ate All The Pies

What a load of toss. How can you lump "obesity discrimination" in with sexism and racism. David Baddiel once said that he hated it when fat people blamed it on "water retention". "Not cake retention then" was his response. Testify. And lose some weight. You know who you are :-).

Kill Him Now

Before this becomes reality. What's the betting it peaks at number two but he says it's number one because they counted it wrong. Maybe he could record a follow-up. When A Cunt Is Born.

Stop Grieving, It's Only A Chicken

A chicken that's now with Jesus. This was Liverpool though. The least I would have expected would be a minute's silence before the Chelsea game. Much as I hate to agree with Boris Johnson. This is my favourite today, but it would have been better if a police van had patrolled the area with an officer and a megaphone. "Return To Your Homes. Stop Grieving. It's Only A Chicken".

Update : Full marks to the Daily Telegraph for the headline "You'll Never Squawk Alone"

Finally In Crazy Foreignland

Today's travel tip : remove the letters Q and W from your Travel Scrabble before visiting Turkey. With 30,000 dead already, God only knows what they'll do if you play one on a Triple Letter Square.


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