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Friday, September 30, 2005

Enjoy The Silence

My software website is no more. It has run its course and I have dropped the website and the Email address. This has the pleasant side-effect that on my return today I no longer have 15 new Emails offering me red-hot penny stocks or 2 days of sex for $3.99 *. If you need to Email me you should find the address via my profile. At this point I would like to thank everyone who supported the software in various ways, not least buying it ! I hope it helped.

I suppose in a post entitled "Enjoy The Silence" I should be extra careful to GIQ but enjoy it while it lasts I say, so although I failed to cash in the E100 on Betfair yesterday, the £1500 I trousered for finishing 3rd in the £50 made up for the disappointment. Ahhhh. That's well worth an afternoon off. Nap time I think. Enjoy the rest of your day at work ;-).

* You still have to provide your own partner, I checked


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