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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Come And Get Me Copper !

I received a letter from Mr Bastard the TV Inspector * this morning, threatening me with a visit from one of his army of sniffers. Just two slight problems with this : 1) I haven't got a TV and 2) I have a licence. Apart from those two things, you've got me bang to rights.

So I cancelled the payments forthwith ; I hadn't done it before because I might do something like hire a TV for the World Cup but to hell with it, if you're going to hassle me you can go and swing. So bust down my door if you like, I may well be sitting here surfing your website or listening to cricket on the radio but I don't have to eat the TV to defeat you. Victory is mine !

* I am aware of the irony of using a TV character to explain this point, so don't bother pointing that out **

** ditto


Blogger uncle monty said...

The Young Ones.

Those were the days. Monday night BBC2. Just after Pot Black. Happy days indeed.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous spireitedaz said...

Hope you've not got an old video recorder, or dvd player in a box, or even a TV card in your computer, cos they still want money for a licence. Tight gits

5:37 PM  

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