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Sunday, September 04, 2005

How To Waste An Entire Weekend

Mostly, by bonus-hunting on Party. Losing $30 after collecting the bonus is a fair amount of wasted time. I've never seen so many people flop sets against me. If I wasn't a man of science ...

... but I am, so I simply accept that Party's bonuses are not that attractive because of the time restriction they put on them (you have a week to play the hands). That mostly means a weekend for me. Not just that, by the evening when there are some proper tournaments to play, I can hardly be bothered through over-poker. I think I should give the swerve to any bonuses that are a) restricted time and b) no use in tournaments. It's not even like it's a lot of money, to a man of my cal-i-bre. Not compared to $1800 on Betfair on Thursday, yum, just one yum mind you as I finished third and was a bit disappointed not to do better. Can't complain though.

A break to watch England lumber past Wales (down the pub) hardly stirred the soul, although I did make £10 on Betfair backing Wales +1.5 on the Asian handicap. I reckon the old A/H is value when the away team is heavily favoured and you can get a decent price on a bet that wins even if "your" team loses by 1 goal. It might be worth a look on Wednesday too. Come on Norn Iron !

Could have been worse though. Poor old DY played two days in the Gutshot uber-tournament, only to be caught in traffic on Day 3 and arrive just in time to crash out 18th. Not worth the time mate :-). Meanwhile there must have been some mighty cheers when Gryko bubbled out. Not because he's any smugger than usual but apparently there was some heavy cross-booking action between the uber-sickos.

Right, I'm going to attempt to salvage something from this weekend with a walk in the park. Blinking and rubbing my eyes obviously.


Blogger Fred Titmus said...

Always wishing to be the purveyor of welcome news, I spoke to 3 people following Kid Gryko's demise.

Roland winced audibly (he had bought out his cross-booking position when RG was 2nd in chips), Goldie howled like a newborn (RG - the cheapskate - had given him 10% of himself as a birthday pres), and Channing's phone was off. Marvellous.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Lord Miros said...

So you actually only spoke to 2 people then.

9:54 PM  

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