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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Heavyweights And Lightweights

Not long back from an afternoon of football, and Rangers are now sitting pretty with 7 points after a 2-1 win over Sheffield United. It wasn't a great game to be honest, very physical as you would expect, but maybe this impression is partly because after two years upstairs with the toffs, I was virtually at pitch level. Any football regular will tell you it looks a completely different game from there, you can really see the pace and physical nature of the game.

As I said we didn't really string many moves together but it was funny, there was a screeching woman behind me and every time we entered the last third she would squeak "just shoot ! Have a pot shot !". Just as she started to really annoy me Marc Bircham did precisely that, 1-0. Rangers then dropped too deep and ceded too much possession, plus ca change there, but with Danny Shittu immense managed to keep the evil Northerners at bay and Stefan Moore broke away to score a second, which it looks like we needed because they got one back in the last minute, but we didn't really.

If Big Dan (the heavyweight of the title) keeps improving at the rate he is we'll have a hell of a job keeping hold of him. There are plenty worse centre-backs in the Premiership already. The lightweight of the title is, of course, me. I caught up with the Camel in the Springbok beforehand, and seeing as he copped 5 large in the shootout last night he treated me to two (yes two) pints of lager shandy (that's shandy). As the game wound on I developed a splitting headache (then again that could be down to the Loftus Road roar) and I gradually felt worse and worse on the way home until the coup de gras, just a mile from home on the bus, I am deeply ashamed on all levels to report that I was physically and rather copiously sick before I could reach the next stop and jump off. What a chav I am.

Must have had a bad pint ! It was totally inexplicable. My penance was to walk home the rest, and more so, when I reached the next stop I had to slink past all the people who had been kicked off the bus so it could return to base to be hosed down.

So next time I ask for a J2O at the bar, don't be embarrassed. Believe me, I'm saving us all from a lot more embarrassment later.

13/8 Update Just 20 minutes later I feel a lot better. A cup of tea and an aspirin can go a long way, and better out than in after all. And my afternoon at Loftus Road wasn't as stressful as some !


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Blogger Fred Titmus said...

Had to share this wonderful quote with you, heard on Talksport today.

George Berry (Wolves, Wales, ludicrous afro, now PFA 'executive')
"What this goes to prove is that the Premiership is arguably the best league in the world"

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