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Thursday, August 11, 2005

What's In A Name

While perusing Blue Square (plug ! Blue Square rule !) and their report of the £5K event at the Vic, I noticed that one player is operating under the nickname "Final Table". That is so lame. "Hey baby, they call me Final Table you know" - "Oooh ..."

Apart from anything else, it's not as complimentary as you might think. If you show me someone who is called "The Bubble" for the number of times he takes that place, I'll show you someone who has more of a chance of winning in the long term. Because this will almost invariably be someone who WINS much more than his share, as in first place finishes. Consistency is over-rated in tournaments. In fact "consistent money finishes" usually indicate someone who plays every event but never wins the big prize - in other words a loser. Then again, I suppose "Hey baby, they call me 8th place" doesn't have the same ring.

I was, however, a bit loath to post this because of the tedious "you're just jealous" responses it might attract. Think what you like, but spare me. And consider this. I've never felt the need to email a website and say something like "You know that tournament I finished 14th in last month, can you change it to say Andy 'Great At Poker' Ward ? Because that's my nickname".

13/8 Update Talking to Keith today, he says that he rates the player in question quite highly, and I do respect Keith's judgement. He also said he's not the type to give himself a nickname, in the style of one or two others. Still, if it was me (some chance I know) I'd be straight on to the website saying "please take that nickname off, it's embarrassing !"


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