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Friday, August 05, 2005

Hip Hip Hooray

Because football is back back back !

I'm not going to have any season bets this year, I usually just stress over them out of all proportion to the insignificant money I have wagered. If I did, then a 4-way win only accumulator of Tottenham, QPR, Brentford and Barnet would surely be the way forward.

Seriously I fancy Tottenham to do quite well this season, but I do think you're burning money backing anyone but Chelsea to win it. Arsenal are the only opposition who have any chance at all. The Championship is wide open, I don't fancy the relegated sides around 6-1 although Norwich and Palace will probably be there or thereabouts ; Ipswich hold no appeal ; Sheffield United are a half-decent bet around 14 but I would be prepared to gamble on Reading around 25, not a bad price if Lita comes off. Brentford I like around 14-16 in a very open division. Once again avoid the relegated sides. League Two is anyone's guess. Wycombe seem to be attracting interest, not sure myself.

I will be opposing the likes of Southampton and Forest just on principle if I have any bets of a weekend, and although it's through my rose-coloured spectacles I can't believe QPR vs Luton are 5/6 each on Hills for a season bet. Stan James go 8/15 QPR the same bet which looks more like it.

Anyway I shall take myself to Underhill tomorrow for the Bees' triumphant return to the Football League. Huzzah !

12/8 Update It is worth pointing out that, on perusal of the archives, this time last year I said "I can't see past Arsenal". And I couldn't. They really looked invincible, right up to the point when Manchester United vinced them. Let's hope that I (and every other pundit in the world) shouldn't be quite so sure, and that maybe the Premiership can at least keep us interested this season.


Anonymous Peter B said...

I know little of this game of which you talk, so I rely on your good judgement. I popped into Ladbrokes and had a fifty sovereign win accumulator on the teams you mentioned. The manager was very polite and accommodating and asked me to call again "any time". I asked him if my winnings would be more than £200 if all the teams obliged. He said, "just about".

What a nice man.


8:38 AM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

That's not so far from the truth. Ladbrokes will give you a 10% bonus on any season win-only accumulator (minimum treble). Great, that's a 10% bonus for multiplying up your 15% edge on any bet three times or more.


8:54 AM  
Blogger Stevie Bennett said...

"I usually just stress over them out of all proportion to the insignificant money I have wagered"

Isn't that half of the fun Andy? Getting your monies worth, all the heartache and torment associated with supporting your own team for a cut price rate? All of those nervous afternoons and evenings watching Jeff and the boys on 'Soccer Saturday'.

I did actually add to my, ever exhaustive list, to have a little on Mad Dog's boys at 20-1. Seemed a huge price to me. I did so after swapping messages with your good self. Good shout that I think though. Besides I have someone to blame if it goes tits up 8-).

"Seriously I fancy Tottenham to do quite well this season."

Aren't they fancied to do well EVERY year? Still, nice of them to pay Edgar Davids' medical bills for the season, don't you think?

I agree with you about Nottingham Forest though. How many defenders does Megson want? It is a dangerous ploy making it your game plan to play for 1-0 wins. Looks like Megson is doing this. There is an old baseball expression which says "Play for one run, lose by one run". Self explanatory really.

Have fun at Underhill this afternoon.

Stevie Bennett

PS Still think your boys are overpriced at 25-1 on the Tote handicap. 4 places 1/4 of the odds.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You learn something every day:-)

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10:28 AM  
Blogger redsimon said...

While I wouldn't put a penny on Forest in League 1 this term, I do understand Megson played 4 up front yesterday and he had to sign some defenders as last seasons bunch were pretty useless. In fact the Goalie and back 4 were all new yesterday. Not worth a punt at 9/2 though. (reverse bok intended).

2:30 PM  

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