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Friday, July 15, 2005

Now You Said Jehovah

From a comment on Paul Phillips' blog :

"Shawn Sheikhan made a comment during a hand in progress and Mike Matusow told him to "STFU". When Jack Eiffel, the tournament director, came over to resolve the problem, Shawn Sheikham repeated Matusow's comment verbatim. Because the camera's were rolling when he repeated the comment, both players were given a ten minute penalty."

It would be funny if there wasn't so much money at stake here. According to one report players stalled to let the other two back in without losing many chips, so kudos if that's true.

By the sounds of it, Sheikhan is taking Matusow on verbally which I think is a mistake. Whatever you think of Matusow (I'm starting to warm to him in a way) this is his game. This is what he does 24/7/365 and he's probably better at it than you. This is one reason I don't go in for verbals at the table. I'm rubbish at thinking of cutting remarks on the spot. I'd be like Sideshow Bob, 10 minutes later "Say that again. I've got one now".

Finally, interesting fact courtesy of the excellent Jim Geary. 6 of the remaining 11 players have never won more than $10,000 in a B+M tournament. Jehovah ! Even I've done that !


Blogger Luckyblind said...

The bit about a playet stalling is true. It was Connor Tate and he let the clock be called on himself twice before letting his hand be declared dead. Very similar to Andy Black's attempt the previous day when the a guy got the time of the break mixed up.

12:21 PM  

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