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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's All About Awareness

Some of you might not remember what a big thing Live Aid was at the time, and how lame Live 8 looks in comparison. As a diversion, I think it's odd how it started off as "Band Aid" (humour), although now I'm more cynical I wonder if someone was trying to say that the whole thing was about as useful as sticking an Elastoplast on a broken leg. That became "Live Aid" with the concert , and now we have "Live 8" which has turned into a sort of double pun which in itself means nothing whatsoever. That's what I was thinking today. Well it beats doing any work.

So at lunchtime I went out to have a Number One All Over Buzzcut to make me look hard (it worked I look awesome). As the clipper guy was doing his stuff, news of the violence in Edinburgh last night came on the radio. "That's bad that is," he said, "It's not what Geldof would have wanted is it ?". I explained, with some help from the other slightly more with-it barber, that Geldof didn't run the whole protest movement, he was just one part of it. "OK yeah, " he said, "but it reflects badly on the G8 dunnit ?". After a moment of stunned silence I explained, as if to a small child, that the protestors were protesting against the G8, to make them be nice and share their toys with the poorer countries.

I'm not sure that the optimal level of awareness has been reached yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ginger you superstar,

still bring your dads computer to contracts?...hilarious...nice site...need to see you at the tables real soon....want a new car for the missus.


9:34 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

Is this some kind of secret code ?


9:55 PM  

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