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Thursday, July 14, 2005

News From The Front

This guy is good. He can write and he knows his stuff. It's well worth having a look through the back articles. This particular piece has some great advice and if I can extract just one snippet, it's

"You need to play with smarts and caution, but you can’t play scared. Throughout the previous weeks, I’ve witnessed any number of players who were so frightened of busting that they made very poor laydowns. Strong players will smell that tendency and exploit it mercilessly."

Damn straight. A lot of the people who want to fold these big hands are oblivious to the metagame implications. Half of them would probably be stupid enough to show everyone "look, I'm folding Kings". If there are two or three good players on your table, you are now toast unless you can find the virtual nuts.

I wasn't sure about Neil's hand with the Kings, but I think I have convinced myself not to pass them pre-flop. I don't have to go all-in myself, but if I have to call, fuck it. You got Aces, you get paid.


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