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Friday, July 08, 2005

Fashionably Late

I said below the WSOP day starts at 11am for most people. When I say most people, I mean those who turn up on time. There seems to be an increasing trend for "name" players (whether real or perceived) to arrive an hour or more after the tournament has started.

Of course the most well-known example is Hellmuth who apparently is rarely ever seen during the first level of any tournament. This just perplexes me. It is nothing short of ego gone mad. A moment's thought should tell you that the best time to get chips off bad players is while they still have them. Before they give them to someone else. Meanwhile if you're a world master at observing your opponents, aren't you better off putting this skill to work in the early levels, instead of looking in the mirror practising your poker scowl ? Get a grip.

Perhaps the only point in favour when you face a 15-hour day is that shaving an hour or two off the start isn't going to cost you much, whereas sneaking off for an early night is going to cost you a bomb by the time the antes kick in. How do you deal with up to 7 days of tournament poker on the spin ? There's one way I hadn't considered. There are some interesting links via Paul Phillips' blog about various prescriptions for ADHD which are apparently extremely effective for increasing your concentration span and level. A bit like betablockers in snooker. Personally I'd be very wary of taking them. It's my firm (albeit unscientific) belief that any substance you take for a short-term "hit" is borrowing out of your body's reserves. And we all know what happens with borrowing - you have to pay it back later with interest. But is this another advantage that opponents may have over me at this level ? One to think about. I'd rather stick to a bit of exercise and the odd power nap. And having just had these, I'm off to Luton for the £100. Or course I shall be arriving in good time !


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