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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Bubble Bursts

And so they're in the money. Great relief for those who qualified for $3 or 40 FPPs. Actually great relief for everybody if each hand was taking 16 minutes. According to Gutshot :

"Carl [Ygborn] must be the unluckiest player this year, going out on the bubble. Although Harrah's have paid for him to enter next years Main Event."

Surely in that case the previous guy to bust out must be the unluckiest player. So he should get something. That's not fair. This is a bit like the deals people make on the bubble so that "everyone gets something". Well what about the guy who finished 11th (as TJ pointed out on Jesse and Padraig's stalker TV show in their cellar *) ? And so on and so on. I won't make these deals and if you think that makes me a Nazi you'll just have to lump it :-)

Well done to Joe, Garry and Neil who are about all I have left to root for. Neil has cashed two years in a row. I'm sure he's not the only one to do that (well Raymer for a start !) but there can't be many. Now go get that cake !

* Shame on the guy who was offered a knee trembler when Kristy Gazes was sat next to him, and didn't invite her to join him ! Mmmmm Kristy Gazes.


Blogger Fred Titmus said...

Well, precisely. Presumably next year, if they pay down to say 700, the should start playing hand for hand when there are 702 left, not 701.

As for agreeing to pay something for the bloke/bird on the bubble in small comps, I used to be of the same opinion as you, but changed my mind because playing hand-for-hand in small (often self-dealt) comps can be interminable, with fewer than half the normal number of hands, and being an action junkie, i just want to play!

3:21 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

It's so long since I played a small hold-em comp ... and hopefully it will be a long time before I play another one.

It must be hard to execute aggressive bubble strategy when there are 50+ tables. The "real" bubbles will be at 28 runners before they move to Binions, and of course 10.


5:53 PM  

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