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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Let's Do It For The Great Satan

Quiet now the WSOP's finished isn't it ? A few wounds to be licked :-). Not for long though, with the Vic, Luton, the VC Cup thing and another random $10K tournament in London - where's the money coming from ? It'll all end in tears, mark my words.

Anyway I was at the charity thingy in Smithfields last night and quite enjoyed it, saw a few people I hadn't seen in a while, DY, Dr. Channing, Jo, Stevie B, Steve and Xuyen, the William Hill guys. I didn't partake of the auction, I couldn't really hear what was going on, the top prize appeared to be a day of Harry Demetriou's time, which wouldn't have been bad, he could have done my shopping and cleaned my oven. Made the last train by about 3 milliseconds, the London transport system still being in a state of chaos.

Despite this chaos it's worth pointing out that QPR hosted Iran yesterday, and beat them 3-0 ! That'll learn them ! Seriously if Rangers can host this kind of game right now 2 miles from the West End, where do Inter Milan get off cancelling their games against Leicester and Portsmouth ? Cretins. While one should never read too much into pre-season friendlies, Rangers have beefed up the squad over the past couple of months, bringing in Royce who is the best keeper we have had for some time ; Ian Evatt and two youngsters from Arsenal at the back ; Tommy Docherty and Aaron Brown in midfield ; and along with Stefan Moore from Aston Villa, yesterday a 6'5" Danish international centre forward from Brescia. The latter sounds impressive until you check out his statistics (6 goals in 4 seasons) but nonetheless you must have something about you to earn a crust in Serie A. Much like Peter Crouch this will give us a "different option", i.e. we can launch it if we're being outplayed :-). And don't forget Dean Sturridge, has he been spotted at the Vic yet ?

Promotion might be a step too far but don't forget the Football League will have the transfer window restriction this year and that's really going to hurt smaller squads. Rangers have the depth - is the quality there ? Time will tell.

Finally despite being at a loose end all afternoon yesterday I wasn't tempted to blow the dust off the TV and suffer the cricket. Cricket is like a lot of sports (and non-sport gambling games like poker !) in that when you're up against a better team (or players) it's vital not to give them anything. If someone makes a hundred without giving a chance, or dismisses you with an unplayable delivery, that's fair enough. But you can't afford to give your wickets away with rash shots or (the ultimate sin) drop catches in the field. England have a chance if they do their best, but it's depressing to hear that they're not.


Blogger Stevie Bennett said...

Hi Andy
I was just kidding. It was good to see you, and everyone else of course, on Saturday.
Can't really help you much with the two boys, suffice to say neither were actually able to command regular places in the reserves. We do have an unbelievable number of young players at the club at the moment, from all corners of the globe. For much of the season we threatened to win the reserve league, before faltering at the end with a youth team. The average age was often around 19 or 20.
Dominic Shimmin made 7 appearances for the reserves but I do not know much about the Hislop boy. With the quality of our kids I would hope they are both pretty decent...mind you we have sold you some duff 'ems in the past haven't we...Morrow...Rose...Didn't we sell you Harper too? And of course a manager who shall remain nameless. Sorry about that.

9:23 PM  

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