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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Close Only Counts In Horseshoes

I don't mean my bets, those were rubbish. Caveat emptor :-) Still, not much worse than when I used to study the form all week. I don't suppose I'm cut out for the sports betting. Which is probably for the best.

No, by close I mean close to winning a seat in the "World Speed Poker Open". Finished 3rd in a massive value overlay satellite to said event. I have a general sense of unease as to how I played 3-handed, but maybe it was just one of those things, the opponent on my left was very aggressive and while I wasn't picking up good hands (and I don't mean massive, just AT/KQ/77 good) I had an invidious choice between folding and raising only to be met by frequent (but not over-frequent) reraises. Fair play to him, he was going for the win quite correctly. I still pocketed $140 for a couple of hours' work.

This follows on a 5th place finish in a freeroll on Blue Square last month for the £1500 in Luton. So getting closer ! This feels like the way forward. Just play when I feel like it, seeking out the added money, and trying to freeroll into big tournaments as and when the chance arises. I've built my bankroll back to almost its peak of 3 years ago, which has been bugging me for a while, and having done that I'm happy enough to gear down the poker for a bit and try the outside world for a change. Online poker is ok when I happen to be in, but I should try to be out more.

And poker probably does mean MTTs. They're what I'm best at. Not surprisingly given how many, many hours I have spent thinking about them. Not necessarily playing, but thinking. It's surprising in some ways how simple the strategy I have developed appears, but that's often the way. It looks simple because you've already done the work off-line. It's a change sometimes to try a new game, but Sit and Goes frustrate the hell out of me, limit cash bores me to death and as for the likes of Pot-Limit PLO8, most of Dave D's blog makes my head spin like I was Mrs Flittersnoop or Colonel ... Colonel ... [2 minutes later] Colonel Dedshott ! You know, it's no fun now you can just look this stuff up, in some ways. Like Krusty I am a lazy, lazy man and the prospect of applying the same amount of thought to another game as I already have to MTTs is daunting to say the least.

So, out and about. And "out" doesn't mean playing live poker which I have less and less inclination to do every day. I popped into Gutshot yesterday on the way through to cash in my writing moolah. 18-20 odd people were hunched around two tiny tables in the cellar, staring at each other and twiddling their chips for a grand first prize of £130. It was grim I can tell you.

So while I'm still looking forward to playing in the Caribbean thing, oh alright Poker Classic, I think I'll give Tunica a miss this year, you know what I'm saying ?


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