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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sneaky !

I received an Email from Eurobet today. It says "play for a share of $250,000 in cash in our Re-buy Rumble". The carrot being dangled is this :

" And to top it all, the winners of each ‘Rumble’ event will face each other in the ‘Rumble-off’ (Grand Final) for the title of Eurobet Poker Champion – and FREE entry to our ‘Win Stacks’ final for a whole year, a total prize value of well over $1,000,000!"

Now, the more inexperienced online player might just think that "a total prize value of well over $1,000,000 !" means that Eurobet Poker are throwing in, well, a total prize value of well over $1,000,000. The rest of us know that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And, quelle surprise, it is.

The prize on offer is a free entry into Eurobet's weekly $100 tournament ($20,000 guaranteed), for a year. 52 x $20,000 is presumably how they derive "well over $1,000,000 !". But even if you won it every week it wouldn't be $1 million. What I would call the "total prize value" is $5, 200. So Eurobet are throwing in $5,200. Great ! But don't tell me it's a million.

On further thought though, this is even sneakier. Supposing that the guarantee is not met (which it isn't at the moment). Fair enough, they're kicking money in. But giving someone a free entry into a tournament which is already under-subscribed according to the guarantee costs Eurobet, you guessed it, NOTHING !

So there you have it. How to make people think you're adding a million when in fact you're adding sweet FA (on top of what you already are). In truth it costs them exactly $100 for every weekly tournament that the winner would have played anyway. Which may be $4000 or it may be nothing.

I get bored at my job sometimes. Like today. But at least it's not my job to think up shit like this. That's some consolation.


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