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Sunday, October 23, 2005

At Least I Get An Early Night

Gave the bloggers championship a spin but no good. Once the empty seats had had the bones picked clean, it was time to get funky so I raised a geezer on the flop with a flush draw, he called me, I put the rest in on the turn only to find that he had just hit one of his two overcards he had called the pot size raise with and that was that.

Still, if you read his blog tomorrow, wherever it is, maybe it'll say "Ha ha I knocked out this complete egg I knew I was winning". I was going to say it would be interesting to read the blogged accounts of these two hands as well but in fact it wouldn't be at all. All the same :

1) No flush, no straight, no pair on board, check check on the river after not much action - both players had two pair.

2) Empty seat's last chips go in. Two live players, flop comes 885, they check all the way. One of them has 87. Well, you should always check down the all in. I mean, he might make a hand that beats your trips but does not beat your opponent's hand which he would fold to your bet. And then he might win 500 allins in a row and win the tournament. Then you'd look pretty stupid wouldn't you ?


Anonymous Peter B said...

We did have a last longer, right?

The check-down is even siller. Empty seats die, their cards do not count as a live hand.

Can't see why you were trying to get funky. Half these people don't know the rules ... although now we are down to the last 250, it's getting tougher.

Spent some time in the top 20, but am rapidly falling back.


11:07 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

I was only interested in the LCD screens or the WPT. An Xbox is the last thing I need, and I already have a perfectly serviceable Ipod type thing.

So it was get chips and have a proper go at the top 6, or get gone. I did quite enjoy it up to that point mind you. You forget how badly people can play. Bet 20 when you're in front, Call 200 when you're behind and then Bluff 20 on the river was quite common. Mmmmm.

3:35 PM  

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