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Monday, November 28, 2005

What Do People Think This Is, A Holiday ?

What strikes me here is how good-natured the vast majority of people are. Makes sense when you think about it, it's not full of grinding pros and wannabe locals. A lot of people are just happy to be here, and why not ? The sole exception is the players in the big cash game, who I felt made themselves look foolish last night by complaining about the noise, "we're playing for money here", and exclaiming "oh someone's just won a $10 sit and go" whenever anyone elsewhere sounded happy. Well fuck them, I said it wouldn't bother me.

I had a decent run in the tournament yesterday, in fact I was very pleased with how I played. I drew an easier table than the day before and worked 2500 up to about 11K without being all in. I did pull some good cards and flops, and maybe could have made a bit more in a couple of spots, but I felt good and in control. Unfortunately I lost the lot 5 tables out in an unavoidable overpair v straight/flush draw coup. Just for once I had the overpair but he was actually a 51% favourite. These things happen, if anything was unlucky it was that I had built up the chips to withstand this kind of beat from most players, but he was caked up and had me covered.

Tony Chapman went on to win the tournament, well done to him ! One more for the good guys. The funny thing was that every time I spoke to him during a break he bent my ear with some hand that went horribly wrong. The power of negative thinking :-). I clawed some of it back in a small sit and go against a strange mix of pros and a few locals spinning it up. One poor girl, I think it was the first time she had ever played, a short stack was all in and 4 or 5 of us checked it to the river. I had 57s and the 4 on the flop was joined by a runner-runner 3 on the turn and 6 on the river. The girl bet, I raised, another guy called and she called with a set of 6s :-/. I hope it doesn't put her off for life !

Weather is great thanks for asking David :-), though you are spot on I have to be very careful not to go out in the noonday sun. I'm going to give the $500 a spin today and if that doesn't come off I'm perfectly happy to skip the $1000 tomorrow and have a day off. Not least because I have been invited to the William Hill beach party, with the promise of an Antonio Esfandiari magic show. Rest assured that if I get the chance I'll say "Wow Antonio, that magic was totally rocks and rings".


Blogger chaos said...

During my one and only WPT event a couple of years ago, on the PS carribean adventure cruise the atmosphere was fantastic. Every one treated it like a holiday, the cash games were brilliant in respect of atmoshpere and value.

The onltyperson who didnt treat it like a hol was Phil Ivey, who, I believe, jumped ship at one of the islands to fly off for another tournie.

I thought it was a bit sad at the time, but maybe he had nowhere to hide!


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