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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Itchy Feet

I'm seriously considering a month in the US. Christmas and New Year in Vegas, then a week or two in Tunica for their WPT thingy. Vegas over Christmas is something I've thought about before, and right now I'd have to say why not. You might think flights would cost an arm and a leg, and they do, unless you fly on Boxing Day or even Christmas Day. It's all the same to me. Has anyone flown on the Maxjet all-business class yet ? About £1000 return if I want to large it.

As for Tunica I've been there before and it is a dump apart from the poker, but there are some good things they do down there. They acknowledge that there's life outside NLHE, and there's basically a $500 tournament every day, various games for the first week and then when the buyins rise after that, the second chance tournaments are all $500, which is about the level I want to play at. In fact, when it comes to live MTTs, I shouldn't even get out of bed for less than $300/£150. A lot of my frustration with live play on the last trip was down to the fact that I was playing too small. At $500 a pop you don't get so many cockwits who just want an audience because no one pays them the slightest bit of attention in real life.

Throw in the cheap dollar and it's very tempting. What am I missing, football, that's about it, and I'm sure that can manage without me for a month. It's not that I have no life here, it's just that I can do most of the things I enjoy out there too. It would be good for my game to go out there and play a $500 comp every day, or every day that I'm playing anyway, and if I do $15K so what, it's not going to bust me. If anyone else is going to be out there let me know.


Anonymous Tobias said...

I've flown MAXjet a number of times, in fact I fly with them again to JFK next week. Great value for money, you won't be disappointed.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Rob Sherwood said...

Do it Andy!

I can add that after the current Bellagio WPT is finished, there will be daily $500 tournies in the Bellagio over Christmas and the New Year.

I'm in Vegas now. The weather is pleasantly crisp (if you ever go outside when you're here), not like the stifling heat of the Summer at all. I'm here until the 18th, though I amy extend my stay slightly.


8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm, sounds like fun...def go!
strangely enough you cropped up whilst sharing a pint with the camel in amsterdam recently; we both reckoned that for someone with so much knowledge on the game you should play a little more live poker.
ps. keith was looking a little worse for wear at this point...))

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for it, dude. Sounds like a lot of fun!

3:15 AM  

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