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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Iron Curtain

Quite a few people aren't happy about the final table setup here in the Rio. Whenever they can, they're sort of curtaining off the final table and having a delayed broadcast on the internet which is an hour behind, all in the name of a few $ of course. I'm not even going to insult you by asking you to guess how much of that money comes back to the players involved. You know how much. Anyway, obviously I haven't been inside it yet, but I gather that the audience is very limited. I read that ZeeJustin's parents flew in for his final table but they weren't allowed to watch it [1]. Luckily the four ZeeJustins who had been knocked out were able to keep them company. Well, that joke's been made so many times now one more won't hurt. Which is what he said ... alright I'll stop.

So I also read that Matusow, of all people, was threatening to boycott any broadcast final table he was in. I'm not sure he's thought that one through. The bottom line (quite literally) is, however much anyone whinges about it (including me), if they said you had to sit on a spike at the final table like in Blackadder, everyone would do it.

I'm still firing blanks in the $500 single tables, hopefully I won't do the whole roll on them before I even start the tournaments. I will be kicking off in the $2000 on Friday, so I might have a quiet day tomorrow just to gird my loins for that. Meanwhile Keith (Hawkins) and Guy (Bowles) are both going strong in today's $5K No Limit, let us gogogogo !

[1] This bit's actually true.


Blogger Alice said...

Hi Andy,
It's great to catch up with what's happening in Vegas. I 'd love to be there already. Hey ho - only 3 and a bit weeks to go!

p.s Good luck with all the various comps you are playing

4:04 PM  

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