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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Testament III : Judgement Day

At lunch today we were talking about how cool the word "smite" is and how you never get to use it in normal conversation (but bear in mind this is a normal kind of conversation for us at lunch). Before we knew it we had written some new scripture, as follows :

1 And lo, Piers the system test manager did smite Andy with a plague of ISUP bugs upon his house

2 Andy was sorely downtrodden and verily he did cry "Fuck this, I could make more money playing poker on the Internet"

3 And so it came to pass

It has more chance of happening than most biblical predictions. I always thought that the funny thing about the Bible is there were only two books. Every good series is at least a trilogy. Then again, those of the Jewish faith don't recognise the New Testament, knowing as they do that the sequel is never as good as the original ...


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