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Sunday, November 14, 2004


I'm happy today because QPR beat table-topping Wigan 1-0 yesterday ; I've made $600 online in three hours this weekend ; and Withnail Jr., who is definitely one of the good guys, copped E170 large in Amsterdam.

The common theme is that (I'm guessing in Tristan's case) all of us hung in there, found a bit of luck at the right time, and made it pay to the max. Rangers were second best for an hour but kept Wigan's highly-rated strikeforce out, then wrested control of the game and nicked it in the 88th minute, punishing a mistake with deadly effect. After my recent S+G humiliation, I played the perfect S+G this morning - made the money without showing a hand, and went on to win it. And Tristan was close to the felt when he found AA (if we can trust Pokervoice, but it would be hard to get that one wrong), doubled up and went on from there.

If you do things right, and hang in there, there is some natural justice in the long run - good things can happen to good people !


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