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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Phil Ivey on Sunglasses

Something interesting in CardPlayer for a change. Check out this Phil Ivey interview. Here's my favourite part :

CD: What type of tells do you look for while you’re playing?

PI: I look at the person. Getting back to my eyes, people always talk about them because I don’t wear sunglasses. I figure that if you can’t deal with someone looking at you, you shouldn’t play poker. Suck it up. If you have tells, work on them. Some people wear sunglasses so that you can’t get a read on them. That’s just poker. Lots of top players don’t wear sunglasses. I tried to wear sunglasses once at the World Series and misread my hand. I threw them into the garbage can, and they were $1,100 sunglasses.

(Phil’s wife overheard this and said, “So, that’s where those went. I thought you lost them.” “Yeah,” he said. “I lost them in the garbage can.” “Those were nice sunglasses,” she said. “Yeah, so nice that they cost me a $100,000 pot.”)

Ivey is the coolest.


Blogger SimonG said...

Not a bad interview. I always feel interviewers with an understanding of poker should be able to take an interview into a particular area and stay there rather than ask the usual questions, but a good read nonetheless.

Has anyone seen the $4k/$8k game running recently? The line-up is always quoted as being the same, so they can't all be beating the game on a regular basis? One of these world class players at least must be donating over time? Or is there an endless supply of fish prepared to get ripped to pieces and support the whole table just so they can say they've played with the best?

1:21 PM  

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