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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Leaving the Sinking Ship

Internet poker forums - I'm going to leave you to it. There is now a definite culture of "us and them" on these, primarily the Mob Forum which was the single oasis in the desert of thought until recently. "Us" being the TV faces, backed up by their ever-growing fan clubs, and "them" being all the "jealous" people who have "achieved nothing".

Well I'll tell you one thing I have achieved. I've never been broke and reduced to begging for money off my peers. I have achieved this without selling my name like a ten-dollar whore and walking around with "Eat at Joe's" plastered all over me. And I have achieved this without ever cheating anyone or taking any unethical action that would anger me if I was on the receiving end. How many of your heroes can say that I wonder ?

As I say though, I'm happy to leave you to it. The faces can roam the earth living out of a suitcase and never being more than three months away from living on the street, while the wannabees can gaze upon them adoringly and ask them to speak at their works dinner for fucks sake - jesus if I turned up for a works do and some broke poker player was the star attraction I'd quit on the fucking spot.

There are some "faces" I respect. I'm not going to make a list but there are about a dozen or so. Most of the rest I am indifferent to, which leaves a sizeable proportion who are any combination of moderate players, desperate attention-seekers and feckless brokes.

If there is one group of poker players who I respect as a group, it's the guys who are putting the hours in and getting it quietly, fair and square. You know who you are, and my hat is tipped in your general direction. As for the Mob Forum, perhaps the last person on there who isn't doing one of the following

- Trying to flog their own tatty business venture
- Sucking up to people they've never met
- Trying to blame everyone else for their losses
- Posting with the sole intention of winding people up and wasting their time

could turn the lights off on their way out. It could well be me. Click.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I hallucinating? I could have sworn there were some comments here when I last checked.

It's fair to say that not one of the 'name' players emerge from that fiasco of a thread, with any credit whatsoever.

Still in that respect, the thread was instructive. Also, the after-dinner speech invite made me laugh out loud. Every cloud and all ...


2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the title of the thread on the mob forum?

12:14 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

"Funniest thing I've seen on TV"

I wouldn't recommend wading through it all as there are new examples popping up every day. There's a shorter thread just below it about some speed poker thing in Australia which illustrates another annoyance that I'd forgotten - poker tournament organisers who patronise any "no-face" who disagrees with them while shamelessly arselicking to any "face" within tongue-shot, all in the name of squeezing out a few extra bucks in rake, which presumably equates to a few extra cents on their cut.


12:47 PM  

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