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Monday, November 22, 2004


I am currently on the run from Hell in Sit and Goes, topped off by a spectacular 4th place this evening. In 4-handed play, my opponents survived 7 all-in coups between them, three of them at my expense, and of course on number 8, you can guess who bit the dust on his first all-in. The best way to think of it is "Look how much luck they needed to beat me". Very philosophical. I must admit though I wasn't very fucking philosophical when it happened, as half my apartment block can testify.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work on both your blogs. They are excellent reads.

I thought it was just me sharing my misfortune with the unwashed while having a poor run this weekend on the $50/$100 SNGs at Party.

I didn't manage a whole block, but a pal of mine phoned my mobile just as I reraised the chip leader with my middle set on the flop, only for him to make his own set on the turn when calling with his overpair. We were of course 4 handed in a $100 game.

Not sure what I said, but it went silent on the other end of the phone..........


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