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Monday, November 28, 2005

Finding Your Level

An earlier departure today in the $500 No Limit, very little value on my table, just one guy I knew was weak from playing against him in a Sit and Go the night before, but he rocked up totally and might as well not have been there. Brian Wilson was my main foe, he won a bracelet last year which he was slightly ostentatiously wearing at the table, still I suppose we can excuse that. He had a slightly odd penchant for check-raising with top pair weak kicker. Doing this he doubled me up when I had Kings, but won it back when I didn't believe his check-raise on the river. So I was back around 2600. Raised KT, rock woke up and reraised, I passed. Raised AK, 2 callers, missed. Cut-off raised, I went all in with 77, he had JJ and that's all for today. The field looked tougher all round to me, I think that a lot of the qualifiers were given $1000 to play the undercard tournaments with, so they weren't playing today, and a few more pros have arrived. So I'll skip the $1000 tomorrow, and the Omaha rebuy tonight, and chill for a couple of days.

Update I knew it ! I fucking knew it ! I had a chat with Brian Wilson when the tournament was on break and he confirmed that when he check-raised me on the river he thought he was behind (with A8 on an A high board) and was trying to make me put down the best hand. My instinct was that his betting pattern was all wrong so I called him with QQ. It's not often you make the right read with the wrong result on the river. Nice guy, and he has a big stack now, I wouldn't be surprised if he was there or thereabouts when the dust settles. I just played a $100 Sit and Go and ran into AA straight away so maybe it just wasn't to be my day today.


Blogger Fred Titmus said...

Too much of this "I had x, he had y" nonsense. Don't you still have that coaches-in-the-car-park blog somewhere else?

We want to hear more malicious gossip and actionable slander !

5:36 PM  
Blogger Andy_Ward said...

x is a good hand. I couldn't believe it when he turned over y.


11:16 AM  

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