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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thank You Whoever You Are

Some unknown person has my gratitude for cheering me up after my near-bubble exit in the E5K added on Betfair. I think I mentioned before that on, a simple hand vs. hand equity calculator, they present you with a poker "quote" every time you perform a calculation. Tonight when I typed in my critical hand to see how unlucky I was [1], I looked down expecting to see "all-in bitches" or a similar contribution to the field of American poker philosophy when instead I was delighted to read this :

"Please screen these quotes, most of the crap people submit here don't classify as poker quotes at all, they just express how badly those persons misunderstand the game of poker or how proud they are that they understand elementary concepts such as "counting outs" or "pot odds", no one cares jerks"

Hats off to whoever sent that in.

[1] I wasn't, very. Or even at all when the money went in.


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